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R & D innovation


The technology R & D Department of the company actively develops and innovates. Every year, it formulates a new R & D project plan to study patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. So far, the company has obtained 26 patents, including 3 invention patents, covering printing structure, printing process, printing technology and printing materials.

Technological innovation

The company has successfully researched and developed the cold stamping process, laser imprint transfer process, reverse composite glazing process, glue flexible combination online secondary glazing process, concave convex die-cutting integrated process, etc. these technologies have successfully applied for patents, and transformed into strong production capacity. They are applied to the packaging products of international famous brands such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc., which improves the added value of products.

Box development

In the development of box type, we actively innovate and provide active service for customers based on their needs. Our box development considers cost, efficiency, transportation and attracting consumers, and strives to design products that really meet the needs of customers. At present, all kinds of patent boxes designed by ourselves, including "lightweight gift box", "split gift box", "packaging box with display function", "anti-theft structure packaging box", have been adopted by customers and well received by customers