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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

The Company fully recognizes that compliance with national labor laws and regulations, as well as internationally recognized labor standards and protection of workers' rights and interests are the expectations of stakeholders such as consumers, clients, the public and the government, and should be the fundamental objective of a responsible company.

The Company thus complies with national and local labor laws and regulations, internationally recognized labor standards and other industry standards and rules , and constantly improves working conditions and employee welfare. Like quality management and environmental management, fulfilling social responsibilities is an integral part of the company's daily operations and a precondition for  providing premium products for customers.

The Company actively advocates the spirit of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency, promoting the use of new energy sources, and controlling greenhouse gas emissions in production areas, and raises the climate awareness of our employees.

The Company actively promotes the spirit of the Convention on the Conservation of Biological Diversity and fulfils the requirements of protecting the diversity of forest ecosystems through concrete actions such as using recycled paper, refraining from using paper made from non-compliant wood pulp, promoting the use of recyclable packaging, and avoiding excessive packaging.

The Company has gradually established, implemented and maintained a CSR management system, and extended this requirement to suppliers and other business partners.

The Company adopts the following CSR policies:

1. Comply with national laws and regulations and international conventions

Comply with the relevant laws and rules of the state and governments at all levels, operate according to the law and protect the rights and interests of employees.

Fulfill the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on the Conservation of Biological Diversity for harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

2. Respect human rights and freedom, prohibit discrimination and forced labor

Provide equal and fair working environment, safe and healthy working conditions, make reasonable arrangement of employees’ working hours and rest needs, and protect employees’ safety and health. The Company’s recruitment and hiring practices are free from harassment or discrimination, and equal opportunities are provided for employees regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, household registration status, religion, gender, age, marriage status, physical or mental disability, and political affiliation.

The use of child labor, forced labor or physical punishment is prohibited, and no supplier or subcontractor who uses child labor or forced labor will be accepted.

Any form of insulting remarks and behaviors is prohibited and the privacy of employees is protected.

3. Establish a mechanism for open communication

The Company promotes labor-management cooperation and respects employees’ freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.

The Company encourages open communication and direct dialogue between employees and management, establishes channels for employees to express opinions on the basis of anonymity to safeguard their rights, and prohibits any form of retaliation and abuse.

4. Structure a sound compensation system with well-designed rewards and punishments

The Company provides salary and benefits that meet the basic needs of employees and comply with all applicable laws, including minimum wage, overtime pay, heat allowance, paid annual leave and other statutory benefits. No punitive payroll deductions are allowed.

The Company promises to recognize and reward high-performing employees, and discipline low-performing employees while helping them identify performance gap and improve their work.

5. Train employees and respect their intellectual property rights

The Company provides employees with training opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities and enhance their social and economic status.

The Company respects knowledge and intellectual property rights, and encourage employees to invent, reform and innovate. And transfer of technology and know-how should be conducted in an appropriate manner and with intellectual property rights well protected.

6. Maintain business integrity and eliminate corruption and bribery

The Company adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation and pragmatism” and uphold a fair and clean attitude in any business behavior. We strictly prohibit any form of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power for private gain.

7. Share profits with employees

As business profits are achieved by the joint efforts of all employees, the Company promises to share them with employees and shareholders.

8. Create an inclusive culture and engage in social welfare programs

The Company aims to create a warm and inclusive culture for all employees and actively participate in various government and social activities to contribute to local economic and cultural development and improvement of ethical standards.

The Company is committed to providing appropriate work opportunities and  care for people with disabilities, and to offeringmaterial support and assistance to disadvantaged groups.

Employees are encouraged to participate in social welfare and charity activities and volunteer work.

9. Promote social responsibilities

We strive to extend our CSR policies and measures to all suppliers or subcontractors, and encourage our business partners to implement and improve their own CSR systems.