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Since moving to Suzhou Industrial Park in 2000, Suzhou General Printing House Co., Ltd. has always followed the mission of “high quality and efficiency, low consumption, innovation for improved customer satisfaction”, and endeavors to be the most trusted partner of customers. To this end, the Company has introduced the world’s most advanced plate-making, offset printing, die-cutting and box-gluing production equipment, and cutting-edge production technologies and processes such as embossing, gold stamping, laminating, code spraying, manual cutting, binding and self-adhesive, to provide customers with a full range of packaging solutions.

In recent years, as the national environmental standards continue to improve, the company stands at the forefront of the industry in adopting environmentally friendly technologies and processes. As one of the first “green printing enterprises” recognized by the state, we have realized the purification and recycling of industrial wastewater, and kept upgrading production materials and processes, eliminating oil-based glazing and film plating and adopting more environmentally friendly production processes such as water-based glazing, CTP plate and UV printing. We have thus maintained a leading position in the industry.

As the packaging and printing technologies continue to evolve, the Company is committed to building an outstanding management team and a contingent of skilled operators. Through advanced, scientific, innovative and efficient production methods, we aspire to be an industry forerunner in setting technical standards and leading innovation and breakthroughs in the packaging and printing industry, and to provide first-class products and services to the world’s top 500 companies at home and abroad.